Monday, August 12, 2013

Oh Dear FedEx

I must say that the FedEx Customer Service people are rather pleasant.

I tracked a package all the way to 'the front doorstep'.  When I looked for said package there was none.
There was no package at my neighbor's house [they sometimes do that] or at the only other two places on my road.

No one is home at the old farm and no one is living at the little shack this summer.
So the mystery deepens.
Where was my package delivered to?
What sort of shape is it in after 3/4" of rain this weekend?

FedEx CS told me on Saturday that of course they couldn't find the package until Monday.  This morning I recieved a call from a 'Tracing Agent' who wanted to know if I'd found my package yet.

Nope I had not.  I'd checked with most folks ... all of 7 places on my ridge and no one had seen a package.  However 3 people had seen the FedEx truck.

I impressed on them that my package had been shipped with special delivery and that this is the 3rd time that special deliveries had been messed up.
The regular guy Dave [yes I know his name well, I see him where I work and sign him in daily]... knows exactly where to deliver.

So the Agent called the terminal, had them stop the driver and told said driver that the package had to be retrieved today and delivered today.  I had told her they were Wedding Photos that I am delivering tomorrow out of town.

The Agent assured me that the package would be given to me today.
I think I believed her.

I must mention that Blurb who did the photo album books has credited my shipping fees and is anxiously awaiting the outcome also.
Their Customer Service answered my issue within 10 minutes.

I will be heading out tomorrow, bags packed, computer and cameras in tow to do another 'shoot'.
This will be of my new grand baby Elena Ruby.

Oh Dear FedEx, please find my package!

Because after this trip I'll have another 'special delivery' and I need you to not leave my package somewhere else!

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Lori Skoog said...

So did they find the package yet????