Thursday, August 22, 2013


I know, in June we were complaining about all the rain.

But suddenly it stopped.  No rain for days.
It was getting rather dry here.

This morning in came.  The rain should have come a bit more gently, but I guess we'll just take it right?

When the lightening stopped and the downpour eased up I put on a slicker, boots, and wide brimmed hat and decided to go out and take a look around.

I guess I am never disappointed when walking about in the woods.  I found these tiny beauties on a log in the neighbor's pasture.  

I went to the creek and saw that the water was up from the day before but not flooding.  The water was running harder and it was brown from mud.

A fog hung over the water.

One thing I did notice though.  The amount of leaves that have fallen are quite startling compared to just days ago.

I know the end of summer is approaching.
I'm not sure I'm happy about it.
Although there is nothing I can do but enjoy the changes of the seasons.

And...keep finding surprises that Mother Nature likes to leave for us.



The Three Muleteers said...

Beautiful pictures! Autumn seems to be waiting just around the corner.... we're not to happy about the idea either!

Val said...

Thank you. But Autumn comes whether we want it to or not right?