Friday, August 09, 2013

Siera's work out.

More exercise for Siera.

Yesterday we 'did' the woods again.  She took to the trail with only one head flip and an 'Do I have to?' attitude.

I don't expect perfection so didn't get after her.  She will get used to the idea soon enough that we'll do what I want.

When we came out of the woods we took to the side of the gravel road.  She has newly trimmed hooves and I didn't want her to get sore.
She resisted walking in the grass at first, but relented without much of a fuss.

She is still thinking about her friends at home while we are out and lets me know with an occasional head flip.  Some people get just plain ugly on their equine for this behavior but she doesn't do it relentlessly ... the more I ride her, the less she tosses her head.

That however is her way of saying 'Okay, I'll do it, but this is my mild protest.'

We practiced standing still again.  I do swear many folks don't practice this enough.  I like a mule/horse who will stand still while I am either talking to a neighbor or just looking at scenery.
That is part of becoming a Mule Tripod for photographs.

Mount, dismount...
Mount, dismount...
Stand still.  
All things I value greatly in a ride.
Siera does excel and standing like a rock when I remount.

Yesterday's ride and walk were about 45 minutes.  We are slowly working up to this and none of the exercise is strenous.  She is handling it well.

On our way home we cut through a combined oat field.  I encouraged Siera to strut her stuff.  She wasn't as smooth as she would be on a nice trail, ... and her paso llano gait was a bit rough to start with.

She smoothed out towards the end and even did a nicer job the second time we did it. 

I'm happy with the way Siera is coming along.

For me, there is no 30 day wonder to get a broke mule. 
Siera is 'broke', not 'finished' and not my broke.
Broke for me is something that takes years. 
It is a relationship and trust and knowledge and...
connection that is very deep between rider and mule.

That is Broke.


The Dancing Donkey said...

Sounds a lot like my definition of "broke":) I agree about the standing still part too. People get so hung up on controlling how the animal is moving and forget how important it is to be able to ask a 1000 lbs of equine to NOT move when needed.

I am glad Siera is doing well and you are having fun.

The Three Muleteers said...

Great video - the best view in the world is through a pair of lovely long ears :-)