Saturday, August 17, 2013

Siera's Diet & Exercise Routine

I knew that last Sunday would be my last day that I would be able to ride Siera for a week.

I was working and then off on a visit to another part of the state.

So I put Siera in with the 'elder' mules.  
She acclimated right away.  She decided that the 'elders' were not her cup of tea and went to the fenceline to see if she could see her herd mates.  And most important of all, see the mares.

My husband told me when I arrived home today that my silly mule has really been trying to buff herself up for me.

I got curious and went out to see her.
The older mules were walking under the apples trees trying to coax some apples to fall for them.  They were quiet and nonchalant.

However, Siera was pacing the fence line.  I walked down through the pasture to see if I could get her attention.  
I did.
She walked up to me.  Then turned and began to pace the fence again.

I stood back and watched.  Siera no longer had the huge hay gut she had 2 weeks ago when she got ill.  I could actually see muscles moving.  My mule had lost weight and put on muscle!  I know this was occurring before I left town for 4 days.  But being away from her and coming back ... was startling!

She probably will be a bit harder to ride off from the farm when we have at it again, but I imagine she'll do better as she is stronger and not so heavy.

No worries, she is eating and drinking normally, just exercising a bit more than she used to!

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