Thursday, August 01, 2013

Siera's Big Little Adventure

Thanks to some of my Blogger friends who have equines, this includes Dancing Donkey ...[Her donkeys often hike with her and I have done the same with Eddie back when he was weaned.  So with a nod at both of my blogging animal friends...]

I have been inspired to go ahead and use Siera's down time to 'walk' with her and hike with her.
Many "trainers" don't use this method, they train in a round pen.
This is an extremely useful tool to use as you will see when you aren't riding.

Next adventure out, I may just let Siera carry our water and a lunch.  Morris and I would be grateful to have a 'pack' mule to lead.

I decided to take Siera to the BIG Scary Creek.

Morris went with us to give Siera encouragement.

The donkeys all came out of the woods to wink and talk to Siera.  These are my farm clowns, always giving their unadulterated opinion on anything.

Morris trotted happily ahead.  He wasn't so much interested in the equine, he wanted to get onto the 'hill road' and down to the creek.

Siera had a few hesitations.  She would stop often as a herd sour mule will do.  But she didn't fight me.  I instead went sideways up a hilly bank and over some logs.  She'd follow and stop...and look again.

No braying, no pulling back...but the resistance got weaker the further from the Meadow we got.
Of course her old gang was up in the Merry Meadow making noises.
So I thought this would be an excellent test to see if she was going to through a fit, or listen to me.

Good girl.  She listened!

I didn't take any photos at all during our hike down through the brush, I was concentrating on Siera and she was working with me.

However, she has a history of absolutely refusing a small stream crossing.  She will fight it, refuse, back up and try everything NOT to put her feet in a small creek.  A large stream?  No problem!

So we got to the creek and...

She climbed right down into it and followed me.

After all, if Morris the little bitty dog could stand in the creek...certainly a big mule could, right?

The creek has some delicious beautiful green grass growing in it!

All in all our little hike went fantastically.

I have to thank my blogger friends again.  Without reading how they do it...I may never have thought of exploring this with Siera.

What a great way to spend time, bond, and do 'scary' things together.

Once you are used to it, it really isn't hard at all.


The Dancing Donkey said...

I think so many of us "horse" people just get so focused on riding we never think to just take a walk with an equine. It took my donkeys to make me realize how much fun it can be and what a great training aid as well.

I am so glad Siera is doing so well and it was nice to see all your donkeys. They do look great on their forest diet. How much land do they "graze" on and do they have pasture at all? I have just a couple of acres of woods, but I might try that. I have to get rid of some ancient barb wire first though.

The Three Muleteers said...

Yay for hiking with Siera! Looks like so much fun, you've got a great pair of hiking pals there. We love checking out our riding trails by hiking them first, no surprises that way. We get the feeling this hiking thing might just catch on! Have a great weekend :-)

Val said...

Yes, hiking with your animal is the worth the hard work. It is a super training aid that is SO overlooked..and has been by myself for such a long time.

Hiking the trails is a great idea. I normally hike them on foot anyway to cut back brush and find where trees have fallen in....

Lori Skoog said...

What a sweetheart. My two horses love to keep me I think I will take them for a walk. You've got me goin'.