Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Thank you Dr. D. at the VA

I would like to thank the VA ER staff for responding well to my hubby's issues today.

After the 'incident' yesterday at VMH, both of us needed a good night's rest.  We got up and called the VA Triage Nurse on the VA hotline.
She recommended that I drive my husband to Madison and that if he experienced problems, pull over and call 911.

After we arrived we were in the exam room within 20 minutes.  B/P was checked as well as an EKG and O2 reading.
The nurse flipped out the door and in 10 minutes Dr. D. came in to see us.  She sat down on a stool and began to dig through the pertinent information.

She sorted through what my husband was saying, nodded her head as he re-told of his experience at VMH and then examined him. 

She was worried about the B/P and the low heart rate.  She popped out of the room and was back fairly quickly.  She stated that bradycardia was not a concern as hubby's history going back before 2000 was that of a lower than average heart rate. 

Now the concern was the B/P.  His heart was normal on the EKG and she'd already read the EKG's from VMH.  This Doc acted fast, she had gotten all the notes from VMH and had reviewed the latest info from the VA.  No enzymes had shown up in his blood indicating a heart attack.

A Med Student came in and started an IV under supervision.  B/P medication was given through the IV.

Dr. D. asked for and got consent to talk to Mental Health regarding hubby's meds.  She sat down with us [myself and 'daughter' Stephanie] and listened and took more notes.  She repeatedly checked the B/P then decided to do another IV dose.

Bottom line.
Dr. D. thank you for listening to a very upset patient.  Thank you for your extra effort you took to get my hubby's blood pressure down.  Thank you for talking to mental health, for getting information, for setting up follow up appts and testing.
Thank you for being a good and patient doctor.


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