Wednesday, August 01, 2012

She's Packing AGAIN ~ by Morris

Dang, she is packing bags up.  Again.  
She did it once before and left me with HIM for a very long dog while.

SHE did say something about washing my blankets and giving me a bath.  
Mebbe, I am going with her?  Oh joy of joys .... not to be stuck with the Grumpy HIM!
I've been laying on her feet so she won't forget me.
I've been putting my hedgehogs in her way.  I even put one in her work bag just in case she needed something to remind her of me.

SHE sort of gave me the eye over that.
But I don't care.
I want to go with her.  And I think that might mean that I get to ride in that fancy thing she calls a Jeep!  Oh boy!
I've marked the tires on it really well, so I can figure out which vehicle it is.

I'm hoping that I get to visit a place where I have dog friends.  Like Teslin or the Grandma dog, Sammy.
I gotta keep a close eye on her.

When she packs her camera bag and puts my tie out cord in my travel kennel I'll KNOW!
Truly yours.

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