Wednesday, August 01, 2012

A bit of Abstract

With the weather being so difficult and awfully hot, this summer I've been playing around with abstract art that can be 'made' by computer graphic programs.

I keep going back and forth between 3 wonderful free programs.

I've been experimenting with colors and black and white also.  Sometimes I go all out for the wild colors and sometimes I go for the subdued black and white.
Sometimes I mix Apophysis 7X and Incendia EX 
This colorful abstract was made with an image from Incendia EX and a flame rendered from Apophysis 7X.
I used a .png format for the flame and made more than one layer.  I used Flaming Pear's plug in called Flood to get a watery reflective look for both the flame and the Incendia figure.
The Incendia EX creations I also save in .png format.  That gives me a transparent area to work with.
For this image I used the 'Stars and Hedras' fractal and decided that I just wanted a 'simple' sphere.  I was able to match the colors to an Apophysis 7X flame.
Here is a closer view of the layers I used.

 I really loved how simple this graphic piece turned out.  I messed with it, adding more layers and trying out different twists and turns, but in the end, decided that simple was prettier.

Then in a black and white and something shiny mood, I created this in Mandelbulb 3d and added some simple spheres in layers.

I really enjoyed the metallic look I got from this.  
I think it is fun to just enjoy and create.
After all, if you don't get something you like, you can always delete it.

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jorge a b said...

I wondered how you make the water effect, but you explain it on your post. Thanks for your creativity!!