Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sneaky Doodling on a mule.

It started simply.  I got the boots on ... my riding 'half chaps' [yeah it looks silly over cowboy boots, but they protect my legs from the brush].
Then there was Opal, who was ready, willing, and very able to take me on an Adventure.

We decided to take the ridge road.  The woods were so thick with berry briers and other nasty sharp things.  Here Opal is relaxed and just enjoying herself.  Note the ears are very relaxed in the second picture.

When we found our usual trail blocked by corn we decided to find a way around it.  This lead us to going along another field road.  The sky at times threatened to rain.  We didn't care.  
We were going to go sneaky doodling.  
Sneaky Doodling is the art of riding through an area and not leaving a trace....the art of Sneaky Doodling was started many years ago when I used to ride with some of my younger and braver friends... We 'sneaked' through field roads to get from one farm area to another.

We followed the trail under some magnificent oak trees
UH oh.  Opal and I found the 'blind' for deer hunting.  I assured her that NO hunters were around.  She seemed content with that.
We 'sneaky doodled' through ... on the field road.  Nary a soul saw us except for perhaps a squirrel and a few turkeys.
When we got home it was time to change out of the cowboy boots pull off the saddle and then sit in the yard and enjoy being on the other end of the lead line.
Opal was content to munch.  I was content to lean back and watch.
I'd forgotten how much fun it was to 'Sneaky Doodle'.


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The Three Muleteers said...

This made me laugh! We used to Sneaky Doodle a lot riding, what a great saying! I often do it when walking the minis as they are small enough to fit where they shouldn't ;-) their hoof prints are just a little conspicuous! Glad to see you both enjoying the ride!