Friday, August 10, 2012

Chitty Chitty BANG Bang!

I drove my old, elderly car in to work tonight.  Just before I turned into work I could hear a funky noise. 

Uh Oh.
On the first part home it dawned on me that part of the muffler must have come loose.  Okay I can deal with that.  

But as I started up a very steep hill I think the thing came seperated.  The noise was awful, it felt and sounded like I was in a jet engine!  

I had to roll up the window because I could smell exhaust.
So I thinks to myself...say, self, what if this old beastie just up and dies on you?  I reach over and pat my riding buddy, Curious George -- yes a stuffed monkey-- and tell him that I'd carry him home if the old beastie died on us.

I make it all 30 miles and then turn onto the gravel road where I creep along because I can hear the pipe scraping on the gravel and throwing rocks up into the bottom of the car.  

Hang on baby!

Putt Putt, clink, clink.  

I crept down the driveway sure that at any moment I'd hear the final death throes of the poor muffler pipe as it rode up on the gravel hump or bump.  Hound dogs started baying, donkeys started braying, and even a mule or two chimed in.  

What good animals I have, they knew something different was going on.  Even the 'yard' pony got up from his nap and pranced in the headlights.

We made it.  Curious George and I.  Another adventure in the wild wild woods ... hmm, I think I may need a muffler!  But heck, life is like that.  Tosses you a curve when you least expect it.

I think I got the Jeep just in time.  I think parts are going to start falling off the old car, but heck, it still runs like a top and gets great gas mileage!

Bang Bang!

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