Saturday, August 11, 2012

Happy UP DAY to me!

I went out walking and shooting photos yesterday.
I'd given up on my old FujiFilm camera that I'd bought in 2005.  I wanted to upgrade, but didn't feel like I should.  My Nikon D40's 55mm lens is busted, I like my Oly camera and my point and shoot camera, but...butt.

So I am replacing the camera that took these photos, with a non - DSLR camera that takes zooms and it has a screen that you can tilt to see what you are shooting...this is too cool, because I can spend less time laying on the ground to get some of those cool fungi and other shots!

I'm thinking I need a pick me up after this past week ... I've been wanting to do this for a while and after doing 3 months of research, I finally hit the 'order' button.

I told hubby I bought myself a 'gift'.  He said I needed another camera like a hole in the head.
Granted we each have our vices.  Mine happen to be photography related. 

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