Tuesday, January 10, 2012

To Edit or not to Edit a Photo?

[or should you sometimes go ahead and listen to other photographers advice?]

Say you took a really cool photo that you really like A LOT!

I decided not to edit this and post it in Press The Shutter A Digital Photography Forum [that I am a Moderator at].
I enjoy the forum quite a bit. I get helpful hints and constructive assistance and opinions on my photography.

So I posted the above photo. I was quite excited about it.
EXIF Data: Camera Olyumpus E-420
Exposure 1/30
Aperature f/7.1
Focal Length 15mm
ISO 200
NDX4 Filter
Tripod in the creek. Crouched in the the creek...you know the drill. I was trying for better, trying to improve.

It was the sort of shot I hadn't taken before. A clump of leaves was stuck on a rock in water, with the water flowing by.
Decisions to be made. Keep the rock in the backround or not?
I kept it.
I shot it several times from more than one angle and more than one focal length.

I posted it for discussion ... and this is where I was very happy.
Some liked it. Some liked others I'd posted more.
One person suggested I 'clone' out the grass on the rock in the backround.

I normally don't try things like that. The grass was there, it should stay there, right?
I thought I'd give it a go.

Much cleaner looking image!

But should I take it one step further and lessen the blue glare from the water?

I warmed it up a bit by adding a warming filter from Elements 5.

It pays to listen.

This last image is something I'd be proud of to exhibit or hang on my wall.

It is good to listen to other photographers and accept there input.
So much can be learned from others!

A couple of notes here. Yes, I plugged Press The Shutter, it is a great group.
Plus I want to point out the fact that you don't need million dollar equipment to take a great shot, just a lot of thought and planning.
Sometimes just plain dumb luck.

And the last point.
You don't need a fancy Editing program to enhance your photos. Elements 5 cost me $99 brand new in 2008. I'm comfortable with it and seem to get along with it just fine.

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