Saturday, January 28, 2012

My Little Angel

Morris points out the way home
Morris has been around as my little buddy now for nearly 8 years.

He is a pleasant little fella who never lets me forget the time of day.
Breakfast feeding time.
Supper feeding time!

He constantly watches over me.  If I get up at night, he is there curious and wondering why I am up.
When I put on my gunbelt and grab a camera.
He is there.
Eager, bouncing, panting, jumping, and sometimes even yes...whining.

We have hiked together almost every day of his life.  In all kinds of weather.
At night if I sit on the couch and read, he snuggles up against my paw rests on my thigh along with his head.

He watches.
All the time.

I see that my little angel is getting grey faced.  The hikes are starting to take their toll on him just a wee bit more than they did years ago.
I need only to look around at my collection of photos of past 'best' friends' to remind myself to cherish each day with him.

He just came up and nudged my leg, letting me know that it is time for his supper.
I think I'll oblige.

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gtyyup said...

Ah Morris...such a love~

Yes, every day is precious and a gift.