Monday, January 16, 2012

My Life has gone to the Dogs

...and you know, I like it!

So my husband says to me that he is going to go 'look' at a puppy. A black and tan hound puppy.

So I volunteer to go along, after all what harm could I do?

Fall in love with those puppy faces and those puppy smells.
In particular just the whole being of puppy.

So as the sun is setting and we are getting to go, hubby holds the one he has picked out and has me holding another.
I admit, I do not want to put this puppy back in the kennel.

I sigh.

Then the gent says...*Hey, I can make a heck-ofa deal on two!*

Short story.
Two came home.

Meet Thelma and Louise.

How does Morris feel about this infringement upon his household?

Well he likes the baby gate that keeps them in the kitchen.
He is a bit put off, but did take them for a gallop up and down the driveway today.
He is handling as only a dignified as a Jack Russell could. He believes if he ignores them, they'll magically leave.

These two are a hoot.


  1. Ha...yea...what damage could lil' ol' you do!!!

    Just two...too cute!!! Poor Morris, but he'll probably fall in love with them both.

  2. AWESOME!! Congrats! Can't wait to read & see more about them. Morris won't be left out, I'm sure of it! :)