Saturday, January 07, 2012

Perfect Day

Today I took the long hike. I didn't take Morris because I wanted to move fast with the daylight hours so short.
[He tends to sometimes dawdle and not keep up, or get sidetracked.]

I also hiked hard. 2.7 miles in steep terrain, according to the GPS, I had an elevation change of 1,600 feet from start to finish on this hike. I've done it many times, but never thought much of it. Maybe I should leave the GPS at home?

I also wanted to take advantage of where the sun was in the sky, allowing for a timed exposure of some water and rocks.

I ended up with one shot I really loved of the water and the rocks.
I enjoyed seeing the ice cave. In fact I climbed down on top of it and had a snack.

But after looking at what I shot today, I was surprised as my favorite was the simplest shot.
A milkweed pod with seeds blowing...
Sometimes it is just the simple things, like being able to have a snack while sitting on top of an ice cave in January.

Or watching the wisps of seeds flutter in a light breeze on the ridge.

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