Tuesday, January 03, 2012

I love the creek in the Winter!


Wind Chill -something.
Sunny. Icy.

Dang it must be a great day to hike down to the creek with Morris and explore!

Gun belt,
hat, hood, gloves, ammo, camera, coveralls, waterproof boots,
pocket camera,
Olympus E-420 DSLR camera,
oreo cookies...[yes oreos! they taste great when you are hiking!]
water bottle...
Ugly insulated flannel, and a small rope...

Ready to go!

Any flat spot in the pasture or on the ridge road was glare ice. I walked along the edge of it while Morris flew up and down the hillside looking for what else...something disgusting to eat or roll in.
But he was happy.
I was happy.

This was the first time since the 12th of December that I have been able to walk without pain in my ribs! I was SO ready to get out of the house and hike.
Morris was too, he told me so with the look of pure joy on his face as he zoomed past.

Our December had been warm and a bit wet, so when this sudden ...

and I mean sudden ...

cold snap hit, I knew I'd better get down to the creek. Where I'd surely find some ice formations.

I was in seventh heaven.
There was even frost on the moss on the rocks in the creek.
Ice formations were beginning to form on the north facing hill above the creek. Creeping down the hillside like a slow moving glacier...
Morris found a spot where he was positive there were mice hiding.
A bit later when we got closer to the old coyote den [it is still sometimes used], Morris decided to 'glue' himself to me.

The coyotes would have walked the same trail we were on. That makes a 12 pound Jack Russell just a tad bit nervous.
He is not the brave one at all. Which is probably pretty good and helps to keep him out of trouble.

I found many ice formations that were created as the creek rushed past grass or weeds hanging over the creek.

Even to an adult like me, it brings a childish surprise to me when I find these formations.

I even exclaimed out loud: *Oh wow look! Is that ever cool!*
Then looked around.
No one was there, no one was listening.
Except, perhaps Morris.
My favorite place though was at a 2 foot drop in the creek. It created a small water fall.

I dropped all of my gear and rolled up my coverall pant legs. I placed the tripod in the creek and then squatted above the water to take some shots.

A small voice in the back of my head reminded me to be careful of my footing or I might end up sitting in the cold rushing water.
Even so, the shot would have been worth it.
The farrier is coming tomorrow.
After he is done...
Well, let's just say, I've gathered my gear together again.

I'm going to have to go to town soon for some more take along snacks!

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