Thursday, January 05, 2012

How I Tried to Kill the Fugly Pink Camera...and Failed

I bought this Fugly Pink Cheap Camera almost 2 years now. I bought bright pink so I wouldn't lose it in the grass.
I bought this ugly little camera because pocket cameras lead a harsh life with me.
They fall from mules at a gallop, get stepped on, dropped, left behind in the woods [to be found later], and handled so much they literally fall apart.

Not this camera.
I thought for sure I'd killed it yesterday. I'd done it in. In fact very near to this very same spot in the above photo.

On January 5th, 2010, I took the following photo with this Fugly Camera.
Suddenly I had a love-hate relationship with this pink pocket camera.
Damn! It could take some absolutely stunning photos!

So now the Fugly Pink Camera nearly goes with me everywhere. [Except when I lend it to my granddaughter when she can even withstand children!]

So I go to a new place along the creek which is a bit off my usual track.

An oak leave clump that hangs onto a rock for some darned reason...captures my eye.
I'm stunned by the beauty of this place.

I've never climbed down into this small section of the creek before. It is hidden by a downed tree and some tin wrapped around a tree from a flash flood in 2007.
As I walk back towards home, I take one last shot of the first set of mini falls.
So here I am, crouching in the water with my coveralls rolled up...screwing my head sideways and in ways it is not meant to be stretched to see through my Nikon's eyepiece.

I then lean over and jump up out of the creek. I stop to take another shot or two of the light reflected on the stream.

I stand up and reach for the Fugly Pink Camera in my left breast pocket.
I turn around and cuss as I see it in the bottom of the creek.
I grab it out of the water.
I'm sure it is ruined.
After all it is not waterproof.

I wipe it off and stick it back in my pocket ...

As I climb the steep hill to the meadow I begin thinking that now I have an excuse to get a NEW pocket camera!

I see the scenario.
I show the poor damp pink thing to my husband with a look of sorrow on my face.

I sigh and explain that somehow it fell in the water and was ruined.

In fact I'm smiling at the fact that I'll finally get to replace that horrid pink thing.

I explain to hubby what happens and go through the motions of drying it out. I set the batteries aside. Pull out the memory card and set it to the side.

The next morning, I am able to pull shots off the memory card. Well that is nice. I'll buy something that uses that sort of card!

I pop the batteries in along with the card.

To my amazement, it comes to life!
But the first photo is well....
Oh goodie!
I make a long face and sadly explain that the water must have done a lot of damage to the delicate internal electronics workings of this poor little digital pocket camera.
the next time I turn it on, it works perfectly.

The flash unit doesn't work, but I usually don't use that.
So back out into the woods I hike with the Fugly Camera.
I'm sort of impressed by its survival.

I take a photo of Morris and use the flash setting.
It works.

Back to the crime scene. I hold the camera next to the mini falls and set the shutter speed.
Well I'll be damned.
I didn't kill it.

It is proving to be quite a tough useful little camera.
Considering that I'd bought it thinking if it was ugly and bright pink, I wouldn't mind it when I did break it.

I'm sort of...
kind of...
growing fond of this Fugly Pink Cheap Camera.

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