Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mandelbulb 3D Fun with Rendering

Rendering your Mandebulb creation can be the hardest part of the whole process of creation.
You have to twiddle your thumbs and wait.
And be patient.

This is not one of my better qualities, so I will go fix a sandwich or eat supper if it is that time of day.
I drive my husband crazy by jumping up from the table and running to look at how my 'fractal' is coming out.
Like I said. Impatient.

This is the first thing you'll see when you hit the Render button. Don't let it scare you. The first time I saw it, I freaked.
I lost my picture?
No, as it renders the black disappears.
If you don't like what you see you can always hit the Stop button.
Which is located in the middle of the control panel in the main screen:

I'm not going to go over each of the buttons as there are some great tutorials on this already created by other real Mandelbulb 3D Artists!
Check out this Blog: Mandelbulb-Mandelbrot-fractals for beginners. The site has Tutorials on everything you need to start with. Check it out.

Here is a closer look at the parts of the 'rendering screen':
...and a part I love of this program...
a 'clock' if you will that tells you how long this rendering will take. However, it does not take into account for ambient shadows which may add a few more minutes to the render.
At this point I go back and check on my Mandelbulb creation:
It is looking good!
Here are what helps control the coloring and the shape of the Mandelbulb. Lighting is covered very nicely in several YouTube tutorials.
You should watch all of this fellows Tutorials, they are very helpful! Tutorial Part 1 - overview.

For more reading on lighting and different lights that are free to use, visit The Design Space Blog. She has great tutorials and some fantastic parameters to check out also.

Well let's go back and see what my Mandelbulb came out like!

This was based on the parameters by one of the Mandelbulb 3D wonderful artists named Hal Tenny. He also has Tutorials at devianArt for those interested in working with this program.

So what are you waiting for? Go to and get your own Mandelbulb 3D program.
Have fun.
Take care of those winter blues!

Happy Rendering!

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  1. I wish I had found this when I first started MB3D over 2 years ago