Tuesday, February 02, 2010

When winter gives you the blues...

We all understand the 'winter blues' also known as 'cabin fever'.
In fact there is a whole new politically correct word for it.

Seasonal Affective Disorder [SAD]

I find I get it and suffer from *it* when I can't get out and 'play' in the woods!
You guessed it. Three days of 'day shift' work [and 2 nights of fill ins for call offs] then the blues hit. Yikes.

I hate them, the winter doldrums. I guess that is a strong word but I seriously dislike those days of winter where I am lost in the world of grays and listlessness.

I just need a bump of creativity and a day out with the snow shoes and Morris!

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mj said...

Top photo is lovely! Only a country girl can say that about a cow, but I think that it is beautiful. Nice, nice, nice!

The days are slooowly getting longer. Bundle up, cheer up, and you and Morris get out on that hike in your forest. Vitamin D or good old sunshine will definitely help with those winter-day blues! And doldrums is a very good choice of words for mid-winter moods... hope you get that day off soon!