Monday, February 08, 2010

First Try and Fantasy Editing

I used stock images from the following:
Deviant Art by Liburnica

Horse by:
Deviant Art by LRP Photography

I use my own sky and then read a few tutorials for doing this kind of art.
Fantasy Tutorials

My job was a bit more difficult without Photoshop 7, I used Elements 5, but was able to come up with some work arounds to the layers that I don't have access to in Elements.

Now I AM thinking that doing something like this with a mule or donkey would be fun. I learned how to alternate lighting in PS and more uses for brushes which I've never investigated before.

I was really tempted to put some Angel wings on this horse and make him into a magical Pegasus.

So I think you can guess what happens when I get cabin fever and don't feel like going outside. I can get lost for a long time in my little world of creativity and editing.
I feel like a kid with the coolest coloring book in the world.


Christina said...

Wow, it really turned out nicely. I would be happy with these results. Nice!

Val said...

These are babysteps, I have to learn so much more...and I've been working with layers and PS for many years!

Always looking to learn!

Leigh Russell said...

Is this the mules' pin up?

I've no idea what photoshop 7, element 5 or PS are, but it's a beautiful image of a beautiful horse.