Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Topaz Detail v2

I opened my email last night and received an update notification from Topaz Labs regarding an update to Topaz Detail v2.

I'd just recently downloaded Topaz Detail v1 which was a great improvement on the speed of the orginal Topaz Detail version I'd downloaded and purchased in November.

I found this slick piece of software while browsing some contacts' works on Curious, I decided to see if Flickr had a Topaz Group. To my surprise they did. I decided to look and once I downloaded the Topaz Detail, I was hooked. I also added Topaz Adjust last month to my arsenal of editing software.

What can you do with Topaz Detail?

Here is a sample of a before and after Topaz Detail Photo:


The new interface is quite nice. One of the most important details that was added ~~ in my opinion ~~ is the undo and redo buttons!
So many times I've edited something and just pushed a little bit too hard and then wished I could go back to what I'd done.
Great idea!

The new *I feel lucky* button is fun and can give you some odd mixes that may please you, but at least you have the option *undo*.
How does the new interface look?

New Interface:

Old Interface workspace:
The new one is more pleasing and user friendly! Not only that it is lightening fast compared to the previous versions.
A couple of more samples...


Desaturated Blush [new preset]:


Topaz Detail:

All one has to do is get this software plug in and let their imaginations run wild.
You can do as much or as little as you want.

Topaz Detail v2 is a free upgrade for existing customers and retails for $39.99 [I think that is a steal!]
Visit Topaz Labs for more information and a free trial download.

Jeeze, did I just write those few lines?

I sound like a commercial for Topaz Labs.
Okay, perhaps a testimonial!
I love the new creativity it has given me, I have no idea how I've survived this long without it.

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