Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Marriage of the Hedgehogs

Happy Hedgehog, a toy of Morris's, and a character in the The Big Adventure series has finally found Happiness in a female Hedgehog named Harriet.

They met this summer apparently [the toys don't talk with me!].
They were happily married in a little Hedgehog Chapel and have announced the addition to their family...

Harry, the little Hedgehog.

I imagine he is going to be appearing in future books with Morris.
One must really limit the activities of these toys.


grandma Jeanie said...

Nice heartwarming story. Will there be a honeymoon?

Val said...

I wonder, they had the 'baby' right away. I'll look to some sort of adventure soon from them!

Leigh Russell said...

They don't hang around, do they? Very entertaining.