Saturday, February 13, 2010

Midnight Musings

3:30 AM

The river runs slowly and silently under the ice I'm looking over. It is a powerful river, the Mississippi.
There is open waters further down from where I stand. Last year it too was frozen over and we could watch the deer walk from island to island across the snow covered ice.

The lights from behind me make the frost that is floating in the air look like diamonds. Although the 'diamonds' seem to have a fairy like quality of their own. They float and dance, covering the ground, the trees, the fence, and even the ugly weeds low on the bank of the river.

The air is cold and crisp and I breath it in and listen.
There are no sounds except the sigh of the light wind which will chill you to the bones if you stand too long in it. The wind is damp carrying moisture from the 'Big Muddy'.

I feel pretty darned good for 3ish in the morning.

I am in awe of the river. It is powerful, it is unassuming, and it is indifferent to people. It provides people for recreation and it can be the source of destruction.

Come sunrise ice fisherman will walk through the morning mists under pink pastel skies to their fishing holes.

I will watch the skies above the bluffs for that first hint of day.
Sunrise is at 7:04 on the ridge.

For now I am happy watching the 'diamond fairies' dance in the air. I turn away from where I am standing and continue to walk.
The river is on my mind.

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Christina said...

I feel like I am there with you. You write beautifully.