Thursday, February 18, 2010

Walk on The Wild Side

Every once in a while I get a 'wild hair' up you know where...

Yesterday was one of those days.
Grab the coveralls, the camera, ... consider taking a mule, then don't...make sure I have on the water proof insulated boots...and

No Morris in tow this time, I'm heading for the area that has a couple of coyote dens. The coyotes are in *season* now which means they are very active and aggressive especially towards other dogs.

Much to my disdain, I carry a small cheap two way radio. It is a conciliatory measure for hubby who thinks I am braving dark and dangerous things in the Big Woods.
Yes we have coyotes, yes we have black bear, and yes I tend to get into areas that an old lady [cough, cough] shouldn't go...

I like to climb steep gullies, moss covered rocks, even explore a cave if I get it in my head. I am not aware of any physical reason not to.
So I carry the radio in a *thingy* attached to my pistol belt and carry on.

I find two dens. Coyotes are not very good housekeepers, they toss their trash [bones, fur] right out the den opening.
I don't see any 'Yotes but see many tracks.
I head towards the far end of the First Valley and find all sorts of fun eye candy for my camera.

What interesting things do I find?
A chair...

Hmm, if I set up here, then I can work without any bother from hubby, the phone, or other distractions! I wonder if I'd get wireless here...
There is another option closer to my house. But the seat is a bit rough.
On I go drawn by the sound of...what?
Of course, the snow is melting and at the far end of the valley the water runs harder.

Delighted I untie the tripod that has been hanging from my belt [and banging the heck out of my leg]...and set it up.
The walk for me, has all come down to this.

Yes silly isn't it?

I set myself up in the creek. [Now you understand the need for insulated water proof boots].
I spend a long time observing and 'shooting' the Huge Waterfalls that are in actuality only about 8" tall.

So what.
I found it.
...and it makes my day.

Worth the effort I think.
I return home slowly, thinking about how awesome it is going to be if we get a huge snow melt all at once.
...and wonder,
do I have tall enough boots?

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  1. The first chair looks very inviting, complete with a wet, cold cushion of snow! Wish it could talk and tell us just who was the last person to grace its lap? Your adventure was well worth your effort ... just beautiful.