Monday, June 22, 2009

Momma don't go!

I have a Jack Russell, his name is Morris. If you've followed my blog for a while, you know a bit about him.
He is a bit spoiled, he gets to sleep on the couch, ride my mule, and can be a demanding little he
my grandchildren.

I work as a part time security guard. I sort of fell into the job and have been there 9 months now. I enjoy every shift I work. I work all sorts of shifts, filling in here and there.
Tonight I work the 1st shift. Midnight to 8am.

It is warm, but I will need my jacket inside the air conditioned area and so set it out on the couch.
When I went to put something in its pockets, I found Morris huddled on it.

I think he believes if he lays on my jacket, I can't go to work without taking him.
Funny little guy, he should know by now, but it doesn't stop him from trying.

I've found him laying across my work shoes.
He has had a very hard time adjusting to my 1st shift work hours.

He is sure that I am mistaken. I should be in bed, where he can lay on my feet or snuggle up against my back...or perhaps even try to hog the pillow.

Alas poor Morris.
I am going to work.

See you in the morning little buddy!

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