Saturday, June 13, 2009

Adventure Time

Wednesday afternoon called out to me...

I heard this little voice say~~~ 'Let's go riding!'

Evidently Morris heard it also.

We cruised the 'first' valley and spent a lot of time looking at wildflowers and admiring the beautiful June sky. The clouds were magnificent against the bright green backdrop of the valley.

We cruised the area checking out the status of the black~caps. I noted where the healthy bushes were and began to plan on picking them as soon as they ripened.
We are now just eating the very last of last year's wild black berry jam. YUM.

Badger was ever the patient mule [or lazy].
We even spent time wandering up on the ridge at the edge of the crop land.

The corn is up now about 4 inches. We won't be able to cut across the crop land in about a month...the corn will be too high and the path alongside the field will be too overgrown with thistles and nettles.

We dropped into the woods and explored the ravine...I am so glad that Badger was doing the steep climbing!

When we arrived back at home [Badger, Morris and me], we found hubby had taken Miss Dinah out for a walking 'lesson' and had been working on the 'ear' issues.

I think Dinah would have preferred to wear a bright red hat myself. But when I took this, she seemed quite content just to pose.
What a funny and wonderful mule.


mj said...

Glad to see that you listened to the calling of the trail, and Morris looks like the ever-ready riding partner. I enjoyed your ride too!

Val said...

Morris is always ready willing and able...and so is Badger.

Wonderful friends to have!