Wednesday, June 17, 2009

3 mules and one day

What can I say?

It was a great day!
I rode Badger [top] in the morning to do some work on the trails, then headed off to town to do the dreaded grocery shopping...ugh.

It began to sprinkle out, so walked out to see the girls and Siera [second photo] came up to me. We made great progress! She remembered all of last year's ground work and 'sacking out'. [I'd had to stop working her because of elbow surgery].
Well today we rode in the round pen. She knows her whoas and this is very important. And she is figuring out that a 'cluck' is asking her to move forward just as it did when she was being worked from the ground.
She and I rode for an hour! Her spook consisted of moving faster and gaiting...[she is a Peruvian Paso mule].
I was extremely pleased.
She didn't seem to want to let the 'session' end.
Good Girl!

Then I needed to get the mail and there was Sunshine! [last photo] So I took her, saddled up and took the long way down the valley up the ridge through the woods .... about 3 miles out of the way so we could 'get the mail' ... and it was raining a nice steady rain.

We had a fabulous ride also.

I'm tickled pink and can go to work this morning with these rides 'holding' me over until I can get back in the saddle again.
[Tonight???? with Siera???? Whoooo Hoooo!]

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mj said...

Good for you!!!! Your day's complete now no matter what else does or doesn't happen.