Wednesday, June 24, 2009

HOT Wednesday...

These were taken last night while watering.

Hot HOT yesterday and forecast the same for today.

Cheyenne and her foal are doing well despite the heat and humidity.
We've added crushed salt to her feed and she is behaving very normal now!


  1. Very glad to hear that "All is Well" with Cheyenne and the mule baby despite the heat. With the monsoon season here, it's just plain muggy-hot. I sweat just thinking about work.

  2. I was out in it all day today drinking tons of water.
    Thank goodness for water!

  3. Way to go Cheyenne!!! The heat is reallly taxing on our old mare that is raising a mule foal. She looks terrible. This is the weirdest summer we've had since I can remember (which is not overly long on most days). Val - don't forget to replenish your electrolytes you lose sweating.

  4. I won't! I've learned the hard way regarding electrolytes!