Thursday, March 30, 2006

Feeling tough...

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I spent yesterday morning at the Cancer Care Center in LaCrosse waiting for an appt with a doctor who studies genetics and cancer. I qualified with a family history for a genetic study on a certain kind of disease called Cowdens Disease. Hubby calls it 'Barn Disease' [his attempt at humour---a Cow's Den would be the barn]

My shoulder 'issues' are hanging with me, so I felt a bit rough going to the appt--which was cancelled and rescheduled for Monday.

As I sat there I watched as patients came in and went to chemo. I got an education in 'feeling tough' and realized I am lucky at the momment. And scared.
What if I carry that defective gene?
Crap, that could ruin your whole day.

But it is a free study, and if I do carry it, then I am contributing to research and to the future treatment of cancer.
I hope.

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