Sunday, June 03, 2018

Not much

I went for a hike yesterday mid morning. It looked like rain and I just wanted to wander around a bit along the creek and see what all the heat and rain had done.

It sure has changed!

And I found where the flea bane had begun to bloom...

I was surprised to see that I'd missed the bloom of morel mushrooms by a few days.

I found a few dozen but they were beyond the picking stage. I wonder if they will be in the same area next year?

I spent the early morning hours replacing some electric gate handles. They should have been replaced last year but I never got around to it. I must admit, I was pretty impressed with my work. Rich used to do all of the fence work, but I have watched over the years and learned quite a bit.

I solved the issue of that horrible hard place to mow behind the shed that is full of holes and stumps. I used our automatic self propelled weed eater/fertilizer pony to do the hard work.
Yes, I'll have to rake out his piles but at least he did the hard work for me. He isn't quite as good as a lawn mower or gas driven weed wacker, but he is less noisy.

Our neighbor at the top of the hill mowed alongside our driveway and cleaned out the end of the culvert that was plugged up. I had planned on trying my hand at using the weed wacker to clean that up.  Our farmer friend will be coming over sometime soon to fix the driveway for us. He rebuilt it in 2007 just before the floods and it has stayed reasonable good. The 2016 floods and rains made it deteriorate. Well, that and all the normal wear and tear a gravel driveway has to take on a hillside.

Here is a shot from the before and after work from 2007.

After supper I thought I'd saddle up Sunshine and take her for a ride. She is a good little go getter mule. Daughter of my very first horse.

I intended to ride to the Ice Cave and back but we got turned around by the booming of an incoming thunderstorm.

We got to the old electric fence in the 'Merry' Meadow -- it was not on. And I took down the lines so we could beat the storm home.  I leave the lines up because those folks with the 4 wheelers don't cross it and tear alongside my fence line and terrify our animals.

Today, the mules are due for their worming and then I'm going to transfer them to one of the rotation pastures. The Dexters that stayed on the farm are going to rotate to the pasture I would like them to clean next.

I think I should just label my pastures with numbers, it will be less confusing for Rich.

Then I start planting the veggie garden.
Hmm. I said Not Much.
But I guess I did do a few things.

I hope today is more on the boring side...

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