Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Fog and Pasture

We used to fence off the neighbor's meadow and keep it clipped and grazed by the equine for quite a few years.

After my husband's stroke last May we sold most of the equine. I tried keeping up on the weeds vs. the electric fence last year but lost out. Without my husband clipping it with the mower, it became a tangled mess of multiflora rose and other nasties.

However, it still presents as a beautiful place to watch the sun come through the fog on those typical Driftless mornings.

Charlie and I walk back almost every morning to check on the status of the mules and Fifteen in the back.
And whenever the small herd sees me, the come up to the gate.

On the other side of that crooked-ly fence is the Merry Meadow. If I could drive a tractor and operate the mower, I'd clip the meadow just to keep the weeds down and create a nice place to ride with the kids. Hmmm, I wonder if I could get my husband or the neighbor to clip a trail????
Anyway, that was just a fleeting thought to be filed for later.

This particular morning, the fog was incredible.

Layers upon layers of mist rising...or fog.

And well, the rest was just nice to stand and watch.

I am currently working on putting up some fencing in the woods behind the meadow. I should say I am working on repairs and replacing part of the fence.

We haven't used the 'wooded' pasture since 2009. The posts are there, but there is some fixing to do.
I am just going to work on half of it.

I guess that is the one thing I do love about electric 'rope' fence. I can make a section just about anywhere just clear the weeds and underbrush and put in the posts.

Maybe I should just take some photos or draw it out. Hmmm. Thinking again!
My goal by mid summer is to have good rotation for the 5 head of cattle and the 5 head of equine.

The Dexter cattle are experts at browsing the undesirable weeds and cleaning up brush.

The ladies doing their job. They gleaned this pasture and are out working on the ragweed and other grasses in the large winter pasture.
Soon they will rotate back to their favorite lot.
I think I call that #4.

Well there you go. More than you wanted to know.


  1. Pretty foggy photos! learn to drive that tractor and mower, then you can do it yourself! :)

  2. I don't think the tractor has been started in about 3 years. I'd have to get something I could handle not that huge monstrous thing!
    But you are right, I need to start getting lessons of how to run the skid steer and see if I can operate the 4 wheeler to use for fencing. My hands have a very hard time with the 4 wheeler handle, I can't squeeze it!

  3. Like that picture of the horse running along the fence.

  4. Such beautiful pictures! You should print a coffee table book....

  5. I do once in a while print up a book to keep around. Thank you Rivergirl.