Tuesday, June 05, 2018

Helping Paws

Sunrise walk. Charlie assists in making sure I set things up properly.

He then slides off to the side of the road to investigate smells.

...and the final product we were working on.
Morning Coffee on Tigen Road:

We went back home for morning chores and errands. Charlie supervised the house cleaning by sitting with Rich and watching the vacuum cleaner.

Our whole afternoon was spent gardening. Okay. Charlie and I.
He had a unique method of helping.

He packed some seeds down for me.

Later he helped by guarding the bucket of seeds and chewing up an old corn stalk.

It got warm in the dirt and he started to pant so I put him on his rug up on the porch where he could oversee the progress and stay cool.

I'm not sure how I could manage each day without him as a Helping Hand and Supervisor.

Rich didn't feel well most of the day yesterday. He felt dizzy and out of it. He spent most of the day in bed. I hope we are able to soon figure out if the meds he is taking are doing this or it is something else. His B/P and his O2 levels were appropriate.
Today we take his mom to have a Neuro-Psychology Test.


  1. Charlie is a great helper! What a lovely photo you set up in the road, I really like it! :)

  2. Love the still life, Charlie and the way your garden is looking! You have been busy!