Tuesday, July 14, 2015

What about ME? By Morris

I bet you think I've gone and disappeared off the Earth.  Nope, I still am doing my duties.
Did you know that I turn 11 yrs old this July?

According to some sort of funky pet calculator I am a senior dog.  Huh. I only feel tired and worn out after a long day checking pastures and nosing around. SHE says the chart says that I am aged equivalent to a 60 year old person. 
Imagine that I am about the same age as HER!  She isn't quite 60, but darned close enough, and SHE still runs around like she thinks she is a pup.

I am also known as the weed commissioner:

Spot me?  I am counting thistles and Queen Anne's Lace and also checking to see if there is enough 'pickens' for HER to rotate the pasture for the gals.

It looked pretty good to me.

In fact I had to do some leaping to get through parts of it!

I do enjoy my inspections!  Can't you see?

It is an incredibly important job on a farm and it calls for someone like me.  A Jack Russell who lets nothing get by without notice.  I am always ready for something, even if I don't know what something is.

I even know the girls.  Strider sure was interested in what SHE and I were doing.

After a couple of hours out 'inspecting' SHE took us back to the house.

I immediately decided that I should find my red blanket and adjust it 'just so'. The love seat looked like it needed some serious 'holding down'.  I promptly laid down and got comfortable.

Geesh, and she worries that I am getting old.


Do I look OLD to you?

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