Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Let's Hike ! By Morris

I am a very observant dog.  I knew when SHE went to the drawer and pulled out her belt and ... and her pistol that my chances of going for a walk would increase if I did certain things.

Look charming.
Look silly.
Look sadly at my crate.
Wag my stub furiously.
Get underfoot.
Bounce some more.
Help tie her boots.  [Really, just get in the way and pant heavily while wagging stub tail.]

Bounce some more and add a bit of whine to it.
Jump at the door.
Spin around a few times, maybe SHE will get dizzy and fall down.
Oh, that wouldn't work well.
Okay calmly put my front paws on her knees and look intensely at her.

Yep.  That worked.
Out the door we went and through the Merry Meadow.
I ran and ran and then trotted.
Wow was it ever hot!  I wandered around looking for plants to 'water' and kept an eye on HER.  We were going down towards the creek!

Of course She found some nice pretty things to take photos of while I busied myself by smelling things and marking my territory.  Boy that can be one big job for one small Jack Russell!

Every once in a while She would have to call my name and being the ever obediant dog that I am, I trotted up for a pat on the head and a "That is a good boy!"
I like it when she tells me I am good.  I'm always good.
Well, sometimes I sneak up on the bed and lay down and old Grumpy yells at me.  I suppose that is being 'bad'.

We found some berries.  I love black berries.
After a while though we were far beyond the creek and to the place where She said the snowmobile trail was.  I don't know, there was a sign with an orange marker on it.  I peed on it.  One would hate to get turned around and not be able to smell their way back home, right?
Besides, I saw NO snowmobiles.

She was thirsty and so was I.  I am glad She has learned her manners and shares well.

I tasted great.  She can be useful for things like carrying the water...and

...carrying ME.
From her hip I can get a better view of the lay of the land.  Don't you think?

When I have to walk in the grass I can't see very far.

We didn't spend too much time at the berry place as it was so over grown and thorny.  In a couple of spots She used her machete to clear the thorns out of our way.

We headed towards home finally!  Whew!
We got back to the creek.  This summer the creek is overgrown with weeds.  I like it when there are flash floods and it cleans all the weeds out of the bottom.

I stepped into the water and took another big drink. Time for some cooling off.

I even think She was happy to be at the creek.

We ducked under the apple tree and around a great big bunch of golden rod plants then She hacked her way through some briers and viola...we were at the trail that led straight up the hill towards the Merry Meadow.

I know this trail very well and kept running up ahead of her and then waiting.  She said that I was getting old!  Harrumph!  She sure took Her time coming up the hill!  In dog years She would be...
Gee, I don't think there has ever been a dog that has lived THAT long.  I mean She'd be more than Ancient.

Anyway, I know She was happy that I had come along.  After all, I know these trails by heart and could guide her to the Meadow.

Once we climbed the steep hill and crawled under the electric fence, we both walked rather slowly towards home.
I don't know if it was because we were so hot and tired or was it because we didn't want our walk to end?

I don't know, I'm a dog.  I don't really think much.
I know I was interested in 'marking' anything any more.  I just wanted to get home and lay in the cool air on MY couch.

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  1. Hi Morris, nice to see you out and about and keeping your person in line. I know its a full time job, but you are clearly up to the task!:)