Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Beautiful end to the day

This storm cell develped to our east as the sun went down in the west....

We'd had an incredibly hot and humid day and as things began to cool down, storm cells began to pop up all over according the the radar.  I believe this was the storm cell we saw heading toward LaFarge, WI.

Lucky me.  My Nikon lens steamed up from coming inside the house...I'd brought my FujiFilm FinePix 30 EXR, which is a point and shoot, with a very long lens and was able to catch these shots!

Behind me thick mist rose out of the valley...

Yesterday was too hot to really do much outside other than chores and some other things.
Since I'd had a brutal work weekend...no, work was not bad, just long hours that I am not used to....

We napped when the afternoon storm came through.  Yesterday's total rainfall was 3/4" of rain for our little area.

I am hoping that I get some time to go and look for fungi today.  Warmth, moist, humid air, rain, and more warm weather seems to be a real bonus for fungi!

Yes...my 'cheapo' point and shoot did very well I think.  I think I have over 10K clicks on it and it is still shooting!

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