Monday, July 13, 2015

I like detours..

Normally I am not one that likes to have routine broken and changed.

But I can't control when there is construction on my route to work.
The highway I normally take to work is now closed about 8 miles from my destination.  The bridge across the Bad Axe River is closed and well, gone right now until it is reconstructed.

At first I took the 'other' route to work, which doesn't involve back roads.  It really wasn't a bad route at all, but I just don't like the highway, it seems narrow and rough.

So some co-workers told me how to 'get around' the construction.  It involves a little known detour that takes a few extra minutes, but I love the drive.  It is extremely scenic and the road is so twisted you can't drive...or shouldn't drive very fast at all.

This road just asks to be photographed.

The other morning, I left home early so I could take my time on this road and get some photos.

I was not disappointed at all.

Moving from the sunlit ridge I headed into the valley and dipped swiftly into the Bad Axe Valley... and fog.

The hill is steep and the road unblemished by pavement markings.  When I dropped to the valley floor, I was in fog.  I expected it as I've driven through Romance Valley for years now.

I was able to catch sight of the cattle grazing in the morning with the cranes on the bridge construction site silently waiting for the weekend to be over so they could continue work.

The next day the fog on the ridges were terrible.  It was hard to see 1/4 of a mile or more.

This was at the beginning of the drive.

Most of this drive was rather unremarkable until I headed down into the valley. This time the valley was clear of fog and exact opposite of the day before.

I'm going to look into a route that goes around the construction on the opposite side of the valley.  Who knows what other treasures I may find?

I guess I will find out soon!