Monday, July 20, 2015

Welcome Stormy & Stella

Our weekend was a busy one.  Friday was a long day heading to Madison for a follow up appointment.
The follow up went well and things are moving along as expected and a PET scan is scheduled for September.

During our last storm we of course had a calf.  Annie finally had her calf and the next morning as we were checking fences and picking up branches we were delighted to see 'Stormy' up and about.

Speedy who was born in around June 1st was checking him out.

Speedy likes to think of himself as the tough kid on the block.  Well he is as he is fully almost 8 weeks older than the others!

Then Speedy had another adjustment to make.

Stella was born during the hottest spell we've had this summer.  The heat and humidity were incredible and nasty.  Yet Stella was born.
She is our only heifer this year, but she is Dun colored and seems to be polled.

I have to admit, she is a knock out. 
Speedy and Stormy will become future meat projects and Stella will become one of the 'girls' eventually.  She and Bunny are both polled heifers.  Bunny is about 15 months old and is pure black like her father Black Bart.

It is a delight to see healthy calves in the pasture.

I imagine when the youngest calves get a bit of age on them, there will be plenty of running and chasing in the pasture.


Lori Skoog said...

Such beautiful calves. Do you have a special program to add music to your videos? I am still a rookie in this department.

Val Ewing said...

I just use microsoft movie maker, there is a spot where you can drag and drop in music...

The Dancing Donkey said...

Glad to see your calving went well and you got such a lovely heifer calf.