Wednesday, June 11, 2014

The Squeaky Wheel Gets The Grease -- or the Air Conditioner Saga

My mother in law purchased an air-conditioner from a local appliance store in town.  It stopped working and was covered by warranty.
A service person came and tried to fix it but said it had a bad part and the warranty from the store stated they'd give her a loaner meanwhile or replace it.
Two weeks have gone by and Mom in Law has had nothing but the run around, so I decided to check into it myself.
Here is how it happened:

Me. Walk into the store.
Manager Jason:  Can I help you?
Me:  Oh yes, I'm going to remodel my house and I want new appliances so I thought I'd do some local shopping.  You know, new stove, new fridge, new washer and dryer...oh and an airconditioner.

Jason [gets his large self puffed up]:  Well, we can help you with that!

Me [pull out a pad of paper]:  Good, I have some questions.  Do these come with warranties?
Jason:  Yes they do.  You can buy a 5 yr warranty too that covers these items head to toe.  [Big proud man thinks he's getting a huge sale.]
Me:  Really?  That is so great!  5 yrs!  I live out in the country and if something happens how long before a service person gets to my place?
Jason:  1 to 2 days and we get it taken care of.
Me:  Oh wow, that is fast!  Let me ask you another question.
Jason [Big smile]:  Yes, go ahead!

Me:  My mother in law purchased an air conditioner here, has your 5 yr warranty, it took 5 days for your service person to get there and it is now almost 2 weeks and she still doesn't have A/C!

Employees in the backround sneak to peek around the big appliances.  Hanging back but peeking anyway.

Jason [steps back looks around, sees this little whisp of a woman staring up at him ]:  Um, well, is this about the ---- place in Readstown?
Me:  As a matter of fact it is.  She is in her mid 80's and it is going to be hot this weekend, she has medical issues and frankly you folks have given her nothing but the run around.

I stand quietly while Jason mutters and sputters and then says:  Well, we had to call the manufacturer and get an okay...we are kinda busy and um,...

I put my hand up:  I'm not here for excuses on your end, is the warranty good?  She is getting a replacement today right?

Employees are now ducking in and out of my peripheral vision.  Jason is doing some funky little foot to foot dance in place.

Jason:  Well we just got her replacement this morning and my guys are going to take it to her.
Me:  Great, do you need me to follow you to Readstown to make sure you do it?

Employees are now stock still.  As is the customer he'd just been talking to that was leaving.

Jason:  Um, no.  Um, guys get that air conditioner loaded onto the truck...
I smile sweetly:  Let me see it.  I will follow it to the truck and call her after I'm done with errands to make sure everything is okay, right?

Jason [waves his arms at employees]:  Ah.  Well.

Me:  I am remodeling my house, but I don't think I'll be shopping here.  The GreyHaired Grapvine says your house calls are pitiful.  You should respect your elders.
Jason:  Well, we are kind of busy.
Me:  So you don't sell good products?
This floors him and he waves frantically at his employees to grab the A/C and get it into the truck so I will leave.
I turn to follow the employees:  By the way Jason, do you have a business card?
Jason is totally unerved by now.  And just shakes his head.

Me [Leaving the store]:  You all have a nice day. 

Mom in law is comfy with her new replacement.

I have the inner meanie is satisfied for the moment.
I was very happy being nice to a 6' 4" man who stand clearly over a foot taller than me and reducing him to squiggly melting jelly.

Crap, I had so much fun I should be an advocate for the GreyHaired Clan.

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