Tuesday, June 17, 2014

2 Days and counting!

Guess what?

Only 2 days left until the beginning of Grandma and Grandpa Camp  2014.
From what I understand the moms and some maybe the dads are more nervous about the kids being away from them than the kids are themselves.

I have it on good authority from young son that he will be relieved to have a break from his littlest child simply due to the fact that they are expecting another in September.

Maybe I am a bit nervous also.  It has been a few years since I've had this many children all under one roof.  But the old skills of wiping up baby drool, and handling all the demands of children will probably come back just like riding a bicycle.

I do however think that being a Grandmother has its advantages.  I can recall my grandmother Pearl with great fondness.

She was pretty cool.  But then again that is because she was not my mom and that makes some strange odd difference in children that I didn't understand before but do now.

Tomorrow will be the big shopping day for groceries and the last clean up and pick up of the house.

I leave to get Elena and Lily on Thursday.

Grandpa is going to get Dennis and Ariel on Thursday night.  Their trip is much shorter than mine.
My drive is 4 hrs one way.

So I will be staying Thursday night and bringing back Elena and Lily on Friday morning.

Let the fun just be great!

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