Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Fine Tuning Siera

Siera is still somewhat of a mystery to me.

One day she does absolutely perfect.

Two days later she is cranky and doesn't want to listen.

Last night we went for an early evening ride.
She was all over the gravel road, trying to turn back home.

I know it probably is due to the fact that she is now pastured with Cricket, a pale beautiful palomino mare that is in raging heat right now.

But Siera needs to learn that she can leave others behind.  Or maybe I have to learn that Siera is always going to be a bit herd sour, especially if there is a light colored mare involved.

We had some issues and struggles with the ride, but Siera did not do anything bad.

While out on the road though, I felt as though I was just pushing her face into the directions I wanted to go and not getting gentle cooperation.

So we came home and I took her into the empty winter lot.
We started to work on subtle things like neck reining.  Stop.

Patiently stand.

Back to the basics.
In fact Siera relaxed and started to respond very nicely.
So much so that I thought I was riding a different mule.

I guess if I get the chance today, she will start her ride in the winter pasture and we will progress to the woods where she has to think.

This summer, I may just put her in with the donkeys.  They will keep her a bit lonely and she won't be quite as attached to them.

I have a very cool mount in Siera.  She is excellent on the wooded trails and is almost the most spookless mule I have ever ridden.

Her brain has to get off 'mares' and home. 

She definitely is a good constant challenge.
Part of the reason I like her so much. 

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