Monday, June 30, 2014

Lost in the Little Things

Off I went seeking the little wild strawberry.  When the kids were here Lily and I couldn't go by a plant patch without trying our luck in getting some of these sweet little beauties.

So yesterday I went off alone and picked some for 'Grandpa' who said he missed out on them.

While looking for the little strawberries I kept coming across cool little fungi all over in the woods.
On my second trip out for the day, I went looking just for fungi.

With the rains we've been having, the woods are bursting with fungi, if you can get down into the forest floor to find them.

The last fungi above is often referred to as Coral Fungi. I don't know what the others were.

I was excited to find what I believe is 'Stinkhorn'.  It was broken, but still worth the shot.

It was the first day in a week that I'd had time to myself to go wandering in the woods.  
I do miss the grands, they were so much fun!

But I also miss the quiet time I get once in a while to wander about the forest and look for neat things.
When I got back, my husband said to me...'Geeze, I thought you got lost out there!'

I smiled and handed him the wild berries and all was well.

The end of the day was worth dodging raindrops for!

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The Dancing Donkey said...

I am sure the grands were grand and I'm glad for you all that you get to spend that time, but time alone out in the woods is a grand thing as well. It's what keeps body and soul together.