Saturday, June 07, 2014

I've always loved to ride.

When I was much younger I got hooked on riding my Uncle's horses.  I started riding at a very young age.

Normally I got stuck with the pony, which was fine by me.  He wasn't the 'nicest' pony in the world and was always a challenge in one way or another.

But I could get on and off all by myself without ever using a saddle.

My father took this photo of my sister and I ... I think when we were teenagers.

I'm the one on the pony called Thunder.
He was the Devil Pony.  But then again, he was a great trainer for all the little tricks that equine can have.

Then I grew up and started riding Cheyanne...
She was always a bit of a challenge too.  She was quirky but such a great ride.

Along came Badger and he was my main 'go to' animal.  I could ride this 15 hand guy bareback and he'd never let me fall!
Although I needed a bucket to mount him or a ditch in the woods.

So this morning I am having riding withdrawals.  Really I do.  I get into that cranky mode where I am struggling.  I need to get my ride fix.

And today we are moving the Dexter cattle and it is supposed to thunderstorm on and off all day.

But tomorrow is supposed to be beautiful and sunny.
I WILL get my fix!

Siera says she is itching for an adventure.
I want to prepare her for my 4th of July One Mule Parade anyway!

She is certainly an incredible mule.  So unlike any other equine I've ever had which suits me fine.  
Each one has an individuality which makes them special.


Willow said...

What a great share. Sounds like me. That first photo reminds me of when my sister and I were kids too !
Asome to grow up riding isn't it .

Val Ewing said...

Yes it is. I can't imagine not riding.

Lori Skoog said...

I need to know more about your farm. So you have donkeys, mules, horses and cattle and dogs and....