Tuesday, June 03, 2014

One day of fun.

The 3.5 + of rainfall we got in a very short time did some incredible road damage on Tainter Hollow.

The concrete bridge is one of my favorite places to go and take photographs.

And when I pulled up to the Road Closed sign, well...I couldn't resist.  I hiked back to see the damage and the signs of flash flooding.
The whole valley floor had been under water, and parts still were.

When I got home I decided to take Siera out for a 'spin'.  I wanted to see if the palomino mare, Cricket had made her more herd sour.

Up and out we went.

No pussy footing around, no tossing of the head and most of all, it was a nice pleasant ride.

We went into the valley we call PeeWee's valley and looked at some wildflowers.

Then back home for a nice bath and a haircut.

Siera behaved perfectly, and now even sports a mule haircut!

Our neighbors invited us to have supper with them, so off we went.
It was my birthday and Terri had bought me little morel mushroom candles and some very cool homemade soaps.

Then her daughter pulled out a little guitar and strummed happy birthday and a few other songs.

This won't be a day I'll forget for quite a while.  

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