Saturday, May 04, 2013

Where is spring and why can't I ride?

Okay, it is spring and I've only saddled up once with Opal.  
I've been working with a diagnosis for my left elbow, called Lateral Epicondolits, my main doctor feels it has gone behind the tendonitis stage to the tendonosis stage.
In short, it is very limiting.  Try to curry a mule and it hurts like the dickens.

Try typing for a while...same result.
Try lifting things, twisting knobs, holding a cup of coffee all of that gets you pain.  Sometimes bad sometimes just a real long deep ache, sometimes sharp. 

I've done Occupational Therapy for a month with no results.  Now I am doing Physical Therapy---called Dry Needling.
Review of Dry Needling by an Ironwoman athelet here:
Whole Iron woman Blog.   

So until this is resolved I have bitten the bullet and am trying to NOT hurt myself further with things like carrying buckets of water, haybales, typing too much, or currying and saddling my mules.  [Insert unhappy face]

It is very hard to behave let me tell you!
Spring here has cooperated by not being very nice.
Although I think hubby ought to curry and saddle up Opal and Fred and take a ride with me!

Anyway all this OT and PT is to try and help things so I do not have to go through a repeat of 2008's surgery on my right arm.

However, I still have not given up hiking with my camera and getting great shots of wildflowers.


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  1. Oh Val I really feel for you, there is nothing worse than the want to ride when you can't... hoping things improve soon and you get your heart's desire - a ride with fine ears out front.