Thursday, May 23, 2013

Morels Oh Morels!

A Spring ritual we have each year is looking for the elusive Morel Mushroom!

Last year, it was so terribly hot and dry that the 'mushroom' hunt was pretty poor.  This year we have been moist...well, wet!  And a bit cool.

Morels are not easy to spot.  They are generally the same color as what surrounds them.  There are all sorts of 'hints' as to 'how' to find them.  Dead Elms, Dead Apple Trees, and Pines are all supposed to be good for finding them.

However, I am not that good at that aspect.  I am however, excellent about wandering around in the woods and just looking.
That way I find other things like Wild Ramps.

Or Wild Parsnips.
Or Meadow Onions [very tasty if fried].

I intend to get out today and take a look around for what I can find in the woods that is interesting.
The wild apple trees have lost their blossoms, but I should be able to find some Bellwort and Trillium!

Who knows, perhaps I'll find some more Morel Mushrooms also!

My next big decision is whether I take Morris or Dixie..or both of them!


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