Saturday, May 25, 2013

Talking to my mom...

Yesterday I called my mom.  I'm supposed to be a good daughter and call her weekly.
Last time we parted ways, we promised each other that we'd talk each and every week.  If I didn't call, she would...well okay, she might.

Anyway let's just say, I'm not the 'good' daughter in that way.  I don't call every week, but I should because you should hear my mom's voice perk up when she hears my voice on the phone.

She wanted to know what I was doing on a certain date and I told her that my schedule wasn't out yet for that.  But I'd let her know as soon as possible.  She told me that she was putting on an ice cream banana split party on that Friday and I should come.

She also told me about her group of Seniors that went out on Friday nights and had Fish Fry or Pizza and how much fun they had.

I actually decided that this could be fun to do.  So I'll check into my schedule as soon as it is posted.
My mom's senior friends are a real hoot.
What's more, is that my mom loves it when I go with her to meet her friends and do things with them all.

If you think a Senior has nothing to offer, then you haven't been around this group of folks.  I've always enjoyed time with them.
I do hope I get scheduled so that I can 'run' down and see her soon!

 Hawthorne Tree Blossoms ~ May 23rd 2013


  1. I love seniors, they are normally amazing fun, can teach us all a lot and have given up caring what others think of them. They tell the truth and know how to make the most of life! Sounds like the visit will be great :-)

  2. They do. The best part of all of this is mom and I are buddies now. Yes, I am still the daughter, but we are as much pals as anything else.

  3. I am one of those seniors....
    Very beautiful nice that you and your Mom can do things together.

    Regarding Moon. She belongs to the other Lorrie and is only 13 hands. Will not be ridden, but is a driving pony. She is a beauty.