Thursday, May 16, 2013

Dixie Kisses

Everyone probably is wondering ~ what ever happened to that cute little puppy?
Well that cute little puppy has grown up quite a bit.
I think she may be about 6 months old yet, but she is full size.

She moved out of the house in March.  I so did not want her to move out.  She was such a great cuddler and was learning an incredible amount by being under my feet constantly.

Today I grabbed her and put her on a length of rope.  She calmly walked along side of me as if she had been working on 'heeling' her whole life.  She didn't jerk or pull.
When I let her off lead and walked along a deer path in the woods, she followed me, smelling around.
Of course it was about 80 degrees and she was a bit warm.

I stopped and sat on a log in the meadow to eat an apple.  She nuzzled the ground around me and kept coming up to ask me 'what now'?   

Puppy kisses were called for.

I later walked with her up the driveway because I heard the neighbors outside.  Dixie was somewhat exemplary in her behavior.   She did a sloppy sit when asked and carefully smelled the children who immediately began to pet her.

We spent hours together.  She walked quietly along side of me while I threw out flakes of hay to the equine.  She obeyed all vocal commands.

She is probably one of the most incredible dogs that I have ever met.  Her tempermant is incredible.
Her intelligence is fantastic.

I think she'd make a great helper dog and be more useful than as a hunting dog.

Of course if the choice were mine.  She'd be in the house at my feet right now.  She'd never leave my side...of course Morris and her would figure things out.

Dixie is hands down 'one of a kind' dog. 



The Three Muleteers said...

What a beautiful girl she's grown in to! Being a helper dog sounds like fun!

Val said...

I doubt she will be allowed to ...but that would be my hope!

Rachel Pennington said...

You know I have six dogs and I love them all to pieces but I sure am partial to my little Ranger, who was covered in ringworm & was in bad shape when we got him. He fit in the palm of my hand. He weighed two lbs. & now weighs 44 just two months later. ANYWAY, hubby says it's time for him to sleep outside now. :( I'm just not ready to let him go so I know how you feel. :)