Sunday, May 05, 2013

Opal, Sunshine, and a Spring Day

Here is little Miss Sunshine.  The mule that could!  
In 2009 Sunshine suffered what could have been a live ending injury.  The vet was doubtful that she'd recover.  But instead of putting her down, he asked us to put her on stall rest for 6 months with hand walking.
I had my doubts, the poor girl could barely get up for weeks.  She hobbled on 3 legs for months.
Finally towards the end of winter when she was walking better...we put her in with 2 youngsters.
She made a huge comeback.
She is indeed a miracle mule.

Link:  Never doubt a mule.

She acts no as if nothing had happened.

So today hubby was convinced to go riding with me.  By the way, the Dry Needling, uncomfortable as it was and painful for 2 days afterward...seems to be making me much more comfortable.
Who would have thought that?  Right?

Off we went.  I had curried and scraped mud off from Opal and Sunshine for over an hour.  Yes, I was very very careful.

We searched for wildflowers and found Hepatica.
And some more Hepatica...
We stopped and had a conversation.
Him:  Well?
Me:  Well what?
Him:  Which way do you want to go?
Me:  Anywhere as long as it is riding!
Him: Well?
We went on up the hill and followed faint trails just below the ridge line.

We circled the cropland on Peterson's ~ him looking for sheds, me looking for flowers.
Opal was very well behaved.  

She didn't even step on me while I knelt down to photograph blood roots...what a good girl.

Shhhh don't tell the big guy I let her have snacks when I use the camera.  She always is very cooperative then!

She may be very old, but she is also very wise.

I can't wait.  In the next few days the forest floor should be covered with Hepatica and Virginia Beauties.

Opal says she'll take me hunting for them.
Yes, the arm still feels pretty good tonight.

Can we say yippie?



Lori Skoog said...

A BIG yippie!

The Three Muleteers said...

Yippee! So glad you guys got out for a lovely mule ride, the best feeling in the world, you deserved it after a long, hard winter. The first of many to come hopefully :-)