Friday, May 31, 2013

Checking Fences ~ After the Storm

The storm brought 1 3/4" of rain in a very short time.  The power went out with some extremley strong wind gusts.

The National Weather Service did report that our area had 60mph wind gusts.  Well, I believe that could be right.  It felt like the house was being battered.

The lightening was spectacular.  Yes, we watched it as we had no power. We sat and chatted and after it was obvious that the power wasn't coming back on, we decided to go ahead and get some sleep.

The sound of the rain and the thunder lulled us to sleep.

The first job of the morning was to go and check fence lines.  
Of course Morris is a very important part of that.

He went along for the inspection.

Along the way we found a huge Morel mushroom.  No rhyme or reason for where it was located.

Of course I had my little camera with me so I could take a few shots.

With all the rain we've been having, I thought it would be easy to grab some shots of water-droplets.

Dry Run [Morris's rear end for...perspective]:

Beautiful columbine flowers:

The grandkids are here, they arrived last night.  Hopefully the rain will hold off for a bit today.

I know that the 'kids' said they'd like to go down to the creek today.

If the weather holds, we'll go.

After all, it is fun to explore.

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  1. Always looks beautiful after the rain, hope you have a nice weekend with the grandkids!