Monday, December 10, 2012

The First Snow

The First good snowfall of the season brings joy to those with children's hearts.  I was literally dancing waiting for my husband to finish his coffee so we could go out and do chores together on Sunday.

We awoke to snow coming down.  He was Grumpy about it, I was simply delirious.

The animals seemed perfectly content with the snow.  


Lil' Richard


The boys

Hubby...oh well he was Grumpy about the snow, but I thought it was quite beautiful!
It was about time we had snow!  December 9th, 2012, we had approximately 5" of snow.
I hope to get out and explore the creek and the valley tomorrow.


The Three Muleteers said...

Love the pictures! We are hoping for some soon, it makes everything look so clean and fresh and the animals seem to adore it!

Val said...

Thanks! It sure is beautiful, I hope you get some snow for Christmas!

jorge a b said...

Great shots! i know it's not fractal, but love to see all white!